September 2019—Belgrade, Serbia


Master sales & marketing strategies specific to B2B tech companies and enter the global market.


Anyone who wishes to improve their business or start doing sales/marketing for regional or international B2B tech companies.

Tech company owners/founders

Learn about the framework and logic of growth marketing/sales and how to put them to practice.

Sales directors & B2B salespeople

Master SaaS solution & services sales and learn how to implement them in international markets.

Marketing directors & managers

Discover different channels for generating new clients and how to measure marketing activities ROI.


In this short video, we explain why you shouldn’t miss out on the only education program in the region that focuses on international B2B sales of tech solutions and services.



Growtech education is based on five modules that will cover the foundations of B2B strategies to secure significant growth opportunities, as well as specific tactics and methods to achieve greater ROI from marketing.


Ovaj modul ističe vebsajt kao ključnu tačku privlačenja novih kupaca. Pokrivamo teme od optimizacije za pretraživače (SEO), kontent marketing logike, analitike, marketing integracije i automatizacije do metrika (KPI) i izveštavanja.


In this module, you will learn which paid promotion channels should be used and how to identify the best one. Social media advertising (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn), Google Search Network, Budgeting, defining KPIs, and reporting.


How to define ICP and Buyer Persona and start selling now. Learn to set up sales procedures and experiment, as well as techniques & tools for sales automation (CRM, email automation, lead gen), cold emailing, GDPR and data collection, KPI — metrics and reporting


Learn how to sync marketing and sales, how to improve sales results with digital marketing by targeting the same target group through similar messages.


Go-to-market framework (identifying the market size, the degree of competition and defining USP and VPs, the price of the service/product, market maturity).

1 day, 1 business area


Regional & international experts will share their knowledge with you.

maja lazarević growtech

Maja Lazarević

Founder and CEO @Market Republic

Mom, communications expert, and a passionate digital marketer with a decade of professional experience in the tech industry and startups. Since 2015, she has been helping IT companies grow through the services of Market Republic. So far, she has helped these companies secure over 320 million euros worth of profit.

Marko Herman Growtech

Marko herman

Director, Content and Digital @ Market Republic

He has worked with clients of different sizes, from small, local companies to big brands such as Coca-Cola, Telenor, and Philip Morris. He is in charge of a variety of projects, including social media managing, online advertising, and creating various types of content.

Craig Whitney Growtech


Founder and CEO of Tech Connections

Craig is a tech start up specialist. Over his 20+ year career, Craig has launched a number of US technology companies in the UK and Europe and taken them from zero revenue and built teams delivering multi million dollar businesses.

Marko pajić

Head of Marketing @Coinnup​

One ordinary guy from Serbia with an extraordinary desire to change the world.
I believe that the Internet has become the best tool for quality promotion. Specialities: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Business Development, Event Management, Business Strategy

Andy Eldridge

Andy eldridge

Director @XYZ Communications

Co-founder of XYZ Communications, a data-driven B2B PR and content marketing agency. PR Week 30 under 30 class of 2017.

Nenad Pantelic

nenad pantelić

Head of Growth @Sentinel Software

Growth Specialist offering bespoke digital marketing services to clients nationally and internationally. Services include technical SEO audits, strategic SEO planning, ongoing SEO consulting, and SEO training.

Daniel Disney

daniel disney

CEO @The Daily Sales

I’m on a mission to help AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE learn how to successfully sell on LinkedIn! With over 15+ years of sales experience, I know what it takes to succeed in sales I know what it takes to leverage social media and LinkedIn to its full potential.

Aleksandar Pešić Growtech

aleksandar pešić

SEO Manager @Market Republic

Helping clients reach their audience with tailored content and focused SEO efforts.


Growtech SMA Bootcamp lasts four days, and we'll be focusing on a different area each day. You can choose to attend only some of the days or the entire boot camp.




What you'll learn

  • 26 Sept 2019, Thu
  • Module 4: Aligning marketing and sales efforts
  • Module 5: Defining sales and marketing strategies in line with a product/service
maja lazarević growtech
Maja Lazarević

Founder & CEO @Market Republic

Craig Whitney Growtech
Craig Whitney

Founder & CEO @Tech Connections

  • How to define and use an ideal customer profile and buyer persona to create key messages and value propositions. 
  • The role of marketing vs the role of sales. 
  • How to define various tactics and choose the right one depending on the target audience and purchasing process.
  • Go-to-market framework (identifying the market size, communication channels, unique selling point, pricing models, and how well the market is educated and ready for the product). 
  • How to choose the right marketing and sales strategy / RADAR framework.
  • 27 Sept 2019, Fri
  • Module 2: Paid inbound marketing
Marko Herman Growtech
Marko Herman

Director, content and digital @Market Republic

Marko Pajić

Head of Marketing @Coinnup

Nenad Pantelic
Nenad Pantelić

Head of Marketing at ClickGuard

  • How to experiment and find the best advertising channel.
  • Social media advertising (target audience, cornerstone content, and lead magnets).
  • Google Adwords, setting a budget, and KPIs—measuring and reporting.
  • 28 Sept 2019, Sat
  • Module 1: Organic inbound and content marketing
maja lazarević growtech
Maja Lazarević

Founder & CEO @Market Republic

Andy Eldridge
Andy Eldridge

Director @XYZ Communications

Nenad Pantelic
Nenad Pantelić

Head of Marketing at ClickGuard

Aleksandar Pešić Growtech
Aleksandar Pešić

SEO Manager @Market Republic

  • Website as the key point for lead generation.
  • SEO Copywriting (revising and analyzing keywords).
  • Backlinking
  • Using PR to attract qualified leads.
  • KPIs—what to measure.
  • Paid inbound tactics, from social media to Google, how to experiment and choose the best option.
  • 29 Sept 2019, Sun
  • Module 3: Outbound sales—how to start selling now
maja lazarević growtech
Maja Lazarević

Founder & CEO @Market Republic

Daniel Disney
Daniel Disney

CEO @The Daily Sales

  • Defining the ideal customer profile.
  • How to set up an outbound sales process through experimenting.
  • 5 key mistakes that will ruin all your efforts.
  • Sales automation tools and tactics (CRM logic, email automation tool, lead generation).
  • Sales emails best practices.
  • LinkedIn and selling on social media.
  • The issue of GDPR and how to avoid it.
  • KPIs—what to measure and how to report.

Why in Belgrade?

Belgrade is one of the biggest business centers in the Balkans, with branches of many international companies. Apart from business opportunities, use your time here to explore the regional center of fun with an amazing array of lively bars & night clubs, as well as a wide variety of impressive local & international cuisine restaurants.

Changing your environment is an excellent way to trigger new ideas. Perhaps the beautiful autumn hues of Belgrade combined with new knowledge spark some majestic ideas.


Alexander Gilmanov

I’ve decided to apply because our company, TMS, is actively working on the marketing and sales processes right now so it’s important for me to understand the concept of such marketing. ABM and ABS are new terms for me. For an introduction, there is a lot of useful theory and practical examples.


Alexander Gilmanov

CEO & Founder @TMS

Invest in acquiring new clients

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  • Workshops
  • Resources—Tools, Templates
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  • Workshops
  • Resources—Tools, Templates
  • 1-on-1 consultations


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  • Workshops
  • Resources—Tools, Templates
  • 1-on-1 consultations


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